6 Ways To Keep Away An Oily Skin In Summer

Woman Peeling Off Oily Mask

Summertime means an oily skin for most people. Nothing makes you look unkempt than a shiny face at mid-day. Having a shiny-free face means more than using blotting papers. The oil in the face may sometimes be useful; too much of it can give your face a messy look. You can prepare yourself early enough to deal with this excessively shiny face. There are a variety of masks, scrubs and cleansers that keep the excess oil in check. If you maintain a regular routine of using them, you will soon realize an improvement in the form of a right glowing skin. For great products that will put the oil problem under control, pay attention to these six hints.

Use An Oil-Controlling Cleanser

To maintain a healthy, shine-free day, start your day with an oil-controlling cleanser. Here is the first way to defend your skin against having an oily skin day. Wash your face with products that contain cleansing clay or salicylic acid. Use cleansers that add nutrients to your skin. Maintain this routine daily. Cleansing will unblock the pores and shed off extra oil. This will also make your face radiant and healthy-looking. Avoid over cleansing, as this may force your skin to produce excessive oil.

Next Use A Toner

Use alcohol-free toners and avoid products that have very harsh ingredients. Keep off products that are too drying, as this may cause your skin to produce extra oil to compensate for the dried oil. This can leave you shinier than before. Search for similarly efficient treatments that will heal the skin and not deprive it of its beneficial natural oils. You can opt for treatments that have calendula extracts or tea tree oil.


Every hour, there are new body cells being produced. Exfoliation eliminates the skin cells that are dead, preventing the clogging of the skin. It also helps prevent breakouts and ensures the effectiveness of the products used to control the oil. A moderate scrub takes off unresponsive skin cells. To get a glowing and a nice-looking skin, you need to exfoliate every week.

Apply A Clay Based Mask

Once every week, use this type of mask to absorb excess oil and skin pollutants. This is very vital in clearing skin pores, healing the skin, and ensuring a vibrant skin. The clay based mask will shrink the pores and make it easy for the skin to regulate the production of oil. Immediately after exfoliation, apply a masque. This will ensure that you get maximum results.

Use Translucent Powder

Wear this powder or primer alone or with a make-up. The previous pressed powders made you feel old and left a coagulated looking skin. This old version of primers produced a scaly skin. The current formulas are less oily, resemble your skin, and do not leave your skin dry.

Prepare Yourself With Blotting Papers

Have blotting papers on standby in case of an oil drip. Use blotting papers when necessary as this can help keep your make-up intact. You can use the blotting papers to wipe the oil out of your face.

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