How To Effectively Treat Pimples By Avoiding The Causes

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The nightmare that women and young women don’t want to have is acne or pimple breakout. Pimple comes in different names (zits, acne or whatever), size and number. But in any cases, pimples are disgusting and irritating to anyone. Whether a single pimple or a pimple breakout, this common skin problem should not be ignored as it might lead to other branching problems.

There are many causes of pimples. The bacteria are not the only one to blame, hormones and emotional status are also factors that affect the development of pimples. A lot of medications and treatments have been introduced to fight pimples but the process of treating pimples could be easier if the causes of it are known. The most effective way to fight pimples is to know the roots, kill the roots while the fruit doesn’t exist yet.

A pimple is an inflammation of the skin that is caused by various factors. Scientifically speaking, an inflammation occurs when the sebum (a natural oil of the skin which keeps the skin moist and supple) is trapped on the pores. This sebum is produced by sebaceous glands which are found between hair follicles. Sebum is trapped on the pores because there are agents that cause the pores to clog. These agents are namely bacteria, dirt and other unwanted substances sticking on the skin. When pores are clogged, there is no way for the sebum to evacuate from the pores. With this happening, the sebaceous glands continue to produce its daily quota of sebum. And then, having excessive sebum on the skin, the body’s immune system will think that it is foreign substance and will then attack it. That is how an inflammation occurs and a pimple is born.

Here are the factors that trigger the development of pimple that might as well be handy.


It is quite obvious that bacteria are one of the causes of pimples as it is usually blamed. Bacteria and dirt triggers pimple because they contribute to the clogging of the pores.


There are cosmetics that contain pre-clogging ingredients. These cosmetic products should be avoided at all cost. Read the label before purchasing it, if it contains silicone, or mineral oil, don’t even think of buying t.


When a person is suffering from too much stress, the skin tends to produce a hormone called cortisol which is referred to as stress hormone. Cortisol causes the production of testosterone which in turn intensifies the production of oil and clogs the skin.


Smoking causes a lot of diseases to start with. Aside from limiting the supply of oxygen in the face (making it look old, a substance found in cigarettes which is called carcinogen dries the skin. When the skin dries abruptly, it tends to produce more oil. And the rest is history.

Unhygienic Daily Habits

Lack of hygiene is one of the major causes of acne breakout. If the face is not washed after a long day, all the dirt that stuck on it will blend with the oil and clog the skin causing pimples. Picking on pimples is also a no-no when it comes to hygiene. Not only does it worsen the situation, it also leaves ugly scars.

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