It’s Never Too Early To Start Anti-Aging: Tips In Anti-Aging As Early As 20’s

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When it comes to aging, people on their 20’s seem to think that they are actually invincible to it. Well, the truth is, developing anti-aging habits is best started at 20’s for the obvious reason that if one is doing something for a long time, the tendency is she will get used to it and will probably find no trouble in doing it at all cost. Aside from costly treatments or cheap homemade anti-aging stuff, mastering anti-aging habits early minimizes the signs of aging.


Most people think that applying sunscreen is just a waste of time because it is so time-consuming especially when someone is in a hurry. This is the biggest mistake one might have made. Applying sunscreen every day is just as important as brushing teeth every day. UV rays of the sun can also enhance aging so giving at least 20 minutes for the sunscreen every day just before going outdoors is worth it.

Neck And Hands

There are a lot of people with beautiful and flawless face but with unhealthy looking and aging neck and hands. These parts of the body are usually neglected when applying skin care products. Whatever is done or applied to the face, treat the neck and hands the same.

Straw Causes Wrinkles

More like drinking from straw causes wrinkles. It might unbelievable, but the myth that moms always tell their daughters is true. When muscles move in a repetitive manner, the more wrinkles it develops. Smiling every time will produce a smile line a frowning every time will produce a frown line. The same goes for drinking from a straw.

Eye Cream

It is noticeable that signs of aging start from the skin around the eyes because this part is the thinnest part of the skin. It is smart to start applying anti-aging cream as early as 20’s. Also, during summer, don’t forget that sunglasses for it will not only a mean of fashion, but it will also protect the skin around the eyes from the UV rays of the sun.


Go for foods that are rich in antioxidants such as fruits and veggies. Glow that comes from within is always better than what make up will provide.

The Harm In Crossing Legs

Varicose veins may run in the blood but a habit of crossing legs when sitting contributes in developing a varicose vein. If standing too long can’t be helped, move weight from side to side to avoid developing varicose veins.


Smoking does not only cause a lot of health issues but it also contributes to early signs of aging. It reduces the blood supply to the skin causing more obvious signs of aging.

Lukewarm Shower

Warm shower causes dry skin which will make the skin look older in the long run. Make it a habit to use lukewarm water when taking shower to keep the skin moisturized.

Stay Active

Exercising has a lot of health benefits that includes reducing signs of aging. Exercising regulates the blood supply to different parts of the body including the skin. This will make the skin healthier and glow from the inside.

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