Skin Care Plans At Different Stages Of One’s Life

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Taking care of the skin is a painstaking process which is otherwise taken casually by many. Moreover, people emulate each other and use the same sorts of products as other people are using, without realizing that skin care plans vary according to one’s age and skin type. So, effective care of the skin could be ensured by understanding the specific requirements of the skin at various stages of one’s life, and thus taking appropriate steps in this regards. Some of the techniques that one could adopt at various stages of their lives include:

Skincare In 20s

One is vibrant with energy in their 20s. They are all fresh and charged up to embark upon their working career. They are enthusiastic and full of vigour. The skin too looks fresh and youthful. So, there isn’t too much to worry about it. However, having said this, one could have a really horrific time if they forget about their skin altogether. So, various methods to be included in the treatment of the skin in one’s  20s include:

  • Use Sunscreen

One should always wear sunscreens, irrespective of their age. This is because one always need to protect themselves from the lethal and deadly UV rays coming out from the sun.

  • Use Moisturizer

Using moisturizer is necessary to ensure that the skin retains appropriate amount of moisture. So, people with oily skin should be wary of using too much moisturizer as it could create favourable conditions for the appearance of acnes.

  • Exfoliate The Skin

One should always exfoliate the skin at least two times in a week to ensure free passage of air to the pores so as to maintain the radiance of the skin.

Skincare In 30s

  • Go For Moisturizers With Antioxidants

One should always choose moisturizers with antioxidants during 30s. as one starts to experience the early signs of ageing with the appearance of fine lines. So, these antioxidants prevent the skin from free radicals that destroy the collagen.

  • Go For Separate Eye Creams

It is mandatory that one starts giving special attention to the area around the eyes in their 30s. This is because that area is sensitive and is more vulnerable to get black.

SkinCare In 40s and 50s

This is the stage when women experience a change in the hormones as they come near the time of menopause. So, they require extra care of the skin during this stage. Some of the steps to be adopted during this stage include:

  • Using Retinoids

One needs to pay attention to taking various supplements of Vitamin A in order to ensure that optimum level of collagen are retained in the skin. This is because the skin loses its activity of producing enough collagen as one gets older. So, in this regards, it becomes necessary to take supplements as well.

  • Focusing Upon Taking A Balanced Diet

Body’s immunity keeps on declining as one gets older. So, it is necessary to take extreme care of one’s health in this regards. As diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining one’s health of the skin and the body, so, one should always be mindful of what they are eating. So, a well balanced diet is required to maintain a healthy skin.

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