The 6 Secrets Of An Acne-Free Summer

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It’s that time of the year again where there are more activities outdoors than usual. During summer season, the skin is exposed to the sun more frequent making it hard to control acne. Not to mention other factors that contributes to pimple outbreaks such as pollution in the environment, stress and other pimple-causing practices. It is really a headache to take care of the skin during this crucial season but the solution may be as simple as changing or adding a little effort to the usual skin care routine.


At night before going to bed and in the morning, make it a habit to wash the face with warm water and cleanse with mild cleanser. Avoid scrubbing in a harsh way as it will only irritate the skin and will promote more acne. Also, avoid using strong cleansers because they often contain ingredients that are harsh to the skin and the skin may react to it in a bad way. Always be gentle when dealing with the skin to avoid any harm.


While most people often overlook this skin care routine, applying sunscreen not only during summer season is important to maintain a healthy skin. If it is so important that it should be used throughout the year, what more during summer season? Acne is so irritating and annoying to start with, but sunburned acne is more serious. Non-greasy SFP 30 is the best choice of sunscreen during this season.


Dead skin cells that are left on the surface of the skin may clog the pores causing acne. Also, dead skin cells don’t look good on the outer and it doesn’t do any good to any type of the skin. Exfoliate at least twice a week with a clay based mask because this type of mask is a good choice during the summer season. Going for a chemical peel will also do the trick. Try it for at least once a month but it is not advisable especially during summer season because the load of outdoor activities and exposure to sunlight will be dangerous.


Retinoid and RetinA increase cellular turnover and exfoliation. This is clinically proven and it is just smart to look for these ingredients when buying skin care products. While Retinoid doesn’t need prescription, RetinA does.

The Right Food

While too much sugar and fats consumption may cause acne breakout as well as eating a lot of processed foods, vitamin-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables are skin-friendly. As always, most fruits and vegetables do only the good thing to the body including the skin. Eat more fruits and veggies to achieve a healthy skin.


Once in a while, treat the skin to a spa for it deserves to be pampered for all the protection it gives. Visiting a skilled esthetician might be helpful in determining the right skin care products for a certain type of skin. Oily skin, prone to acne and reactive skin needs special treatments. It might also be beneficial to get a facial treatment at least once a month.

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