Unearthing Perfect Order For Skin Care

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Maintaining a flawless skin is never an easy task. This is because women face a number of skin issues every now and then. And, in this regards, following a perfect order for skin care is very essential. So, one must know the type of skin they have and the kind of skincare products that are beneficial for them prior to moving towards selecting the skincare products.

Know Type Of Skin

First off, women need to understand the type of skin they have. They need to find out whether their skin is flaky and develops wrinkles. Or, they could also observe whether they have large pores and that their skin is shiny or not. Furthermore, they could observe closely whether certain areas of the skin are oilier than the rest or not. So, a careful observation is going to help a lot in coming up with specific skincare products.


After having understood the requirements of the skin, the next step is to begin with the skincare routine. And, in this regard, one must start with cleanser first. So, cleanser for dry and sensitive skin should be non-foaming and gentle. Moreover, the cleanser needs to be fragrance free in this case. It shouldn’t have alcohol too. Also, if the skin is extremely dry then one should opt for milky cleanser that could provide that extra dose of moisture.

And, for oily or combination skin one should go for cleansers that help in regulating the process of production of oil in the body. And, in this case too, one must go for alcohol free cleansers as harsh cleansers could lead to drier skin and cause production of excessive oil.


Toner is not mandatory skincare product for everyone; however, it does lead to unimaginable results for women with combination or oily skin. This is because a good toner helps in neutralizing the blemished areas or the T-zone. This helps in regulating the process of production of oil in the body. So, women must take a small amount of toner and dab the toner on the specific areas, like T-zone in order to make sure that the area is not only cleansed but also balanced.


Women with all sorts of skin need to use moisturizer. So, making moisturizer part of one’s daily skincare routine is absolutely essential. So, women with dry skin could opt for moisturizer that is nourishing as well as hydrating. So, moisturizers with ceramides and glycerine could help in restoring moisture. And, lighter formula is required for normal skin. Likewise, people with oily skin too need to moisturize their skin regularly. It is a general perception among people that oilier skin doesn’t have to be moisturized; however, it is a misconception as this plan backfires ultimately, since it leads to drying of the skin, which leads to excessive production of oil.

Furthermore, one thing that needs to be taken into account is that the moisturizer should be applied straightaway after cleansing so that the moisture could be locked in properly.

Mask Or Serum

Masks or serums must be used at least once in a week in order to provide the skin with essential nutrients that it lacks.

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