Vitamin C Cleanser

Orogold is a reputed and renowned skincare brand which uses natural ingredients such as pure gold, vitamins and minerals instead of harmful chemicals as the latter cause more damage to the skin than doing good to it. Its unique blend of ingredients is used to formulate special collections that target one skincare problem at a time and do away with them completely. You can also learn how to use these products and collections from the ‘How to Use Orogold’ section.

OG Vitamin C Series

When it comes to Orogold collections, a popular and effective one that makes use of Vitamin C as its major ingredient is the Vitamin C Collection that contains 3 products in it. They are the Vitamin C facial booster serum, Vitamin C facial cleanser and Vitamin C mask. These products work in relation with one another to clean the skins impurities and give it a younger and firmer look which cannot be achieved otherwise. Vitamin C smoothens and softens the skin and adds a natural glow to it.

Benefits of using Vitamin C facial cleanser

Being enriched with active ingredients such as Gold and Vitamin C, this facial cleanser has many benefits associated with it. It offers a gentle yet thorough foaming action that cleans your face, removes dirt, excess oil and make up from the skin, opens clogged pores and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and full of energy. It I gentle enough to be used every day and should be made a part of your morning skincare regime for best results.

Use of facial cleansers

OROGOLD Vitamin C Cleanser

Facial cleansers are the best way to clean your face and remove all kinds of impurities, giving way to a rejuvenated and refreshed you. Using a cleanser regularly not only keeps the skin clean but also prevents impurities from building and clogging up as this is what leads to breakouts, acne and other skin related problems in the future. Most of us use facial cleansers and regular use of it will help your skin be rejuvenated like before. You do not want dust particles and dirt to make the way into your skin and facial cleansers helps avoid exactly that while Vitamin C helps give your skin the tight, firm and youthful look you need.

Effects of Vitamin C on facial cleansers

Using facial cleansers which contain Vitamin C has a special effect on the face as it helps to make the skin tighter and firmer than before by increasing collagen synthesis and skin regeneration rapidly. It lightens the skin tone and helps fight off breakouts or acne if any. Moreover, the citrus aroma of Vitamin C lingers behind for hours on your body after having used the cleanser once a day. As Vitamin C removes impurities from deep within, they allow proper absorption of moisturizers or serums that are applied later on.

How to Use it?

Here is the quick and effective way to use Vitamin C facial cleansers.

  • Moisten face using warm water
  • Apply a small quantity of the cleanser into your palms to get a luxurious lather
  • Massage all over the face gently
  • Rinse off with warm water when done
  • Repeat again if need be
  • Follow with Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum for best results
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