Exploring The Reason Behind Drying Of Skin

Woman Looking Scary With Dry Skin

Drying of the skin is a major problem faced by people. The problem is quite serious since it leads to the formation of wrinkles on face. Moreover, one experiences a lot of itching as well. Over a period of time the wrinkles becomes prominent and one starts to appear older than their age. This is not only embarrassing but also painful for people as they are never willing to accept the inevitable most of the times, and when they see themselves ageing at a young age, they immediately start to panic. So, people need to be aware of the causes that lead to the occurrence of dry skin.

Steamy Shower

Steamy showers are the major reason behind the occurrence of dry skin. This is because hot water straightaway takes the moisture present in the skin, leaving it completely dry and vulnerable. One’s hair too gets affected in the similar manner due to steamy showers. So, one must make it a point to take bath with lukewarm water.

Winter Weather

Winter weather too takes away the natural moisture of the body, especially when one is not covering himself fully. So, the occurrence of dry and itchy skin is the result of weather conditions as well.


Soaps are found to contain some harsh chemicals most of the time. These chemicals take away all the moisture from one’s body. People with oily skin resort to using soaps sometimes, since they try to manage the excessive oil on their skin; however, in their case too, the harsh chemicals in the soap wreak havoc and lead to sudden loss of oil. This presses a panic button actually, as the brain sends signals to the oil producing glands to produce more oil. Sebaceous glands thus produce a lot of oil which causes a lot of problems thus.

Scrubbing More Than What’s Required

Scrubbing is a necessary activity since one wants to ensure that the dead skin cells are sloughed off. However, excessive scrubbing makes the skin dry and prone to attack from foreign particles. Moreover, one is inclined to get affected with skin conditions like acne, itching, etc. in this case, since the pores are starkly exposed to the outer environment.

Health Condition And Lifestyle

One’s health condition and lifestyle also determine the occurrence of dry skin. This may sound weird but it’s true. Production of oil in our body can be halted due to unhealthy diet that we eat, or poor lifestyle that we lead. For instance, there are certain foods that affect the skin considerably. So, allergic reaction is triggered in this case, which ultimately may affect the production of oil in the body. So, needs to follow good habits. Moreover, sleeping soundly for adequate number of hours is also must for the skin to rejuvenate and refresh itself over the night. Hence, one must understand that these methods are even better than other methods.

Type Of Clothes

One’s clothes could also decide one’s skin type. This is because certain clothes may lead to irritation, which may, in turn, affect the process of production of oil in the body. So, one must avoid woollen clothes, and instead wear soft linen clothes.

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