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Along with hot chocolates, Christmas presents and fresh snowfall, winter also brings with it the big problem of skin dryness. To deal with dry skin, one needs to make certain modifications in the daily skin care routine. Here is how to go about it. From wearing proper clothes to applying appropriate products, winter skin care means a comprehensive maintenance.

  • Exfoliation

In general, exfoliation is a significant part of the skin care regime, but it becomes all the more important when winter knocks on the door. The face may look dry, flaky and pasty owing to the accumulation of dead skin. One should either use a gentle exfoliator on a daily basis or an intense exfoliator once a week.

  • Moisturization

After exfoliation and rinsing of the skin, moisturization is a crucial step. A thin, light moisturizer is apt for the summer season but it may not be sufficient during the winter. To protect the skin from the harshness of winter, one must opt for a creamier, thicker and oil-based moisturizer. The best time to use the moisturizer is before going to bed.

  • Drinking Up

Given the cold temperature, one might not feel like drinking water during the winter season. But it is a vital component of skin care. If the body is deprived of an adequate amount of water, the skin will start suffering. To know how much water to drink daily, one should divide the weight in pounds in two, and this gives the daily requirement of water in ounces.

  • Maintaining the Scalp

It should be remembered that a standard skin care regime also includes the skin that lies over the head. The cold temperature along with the winter wind may cause damage to the skin of the scalp. Therefore, it is good to adopt conditioners and shampoos that are more suitable for the winter season.

  • Wearing Cotton Gloves at Night

Although this might sound a bit out of the world, it does pay off to wear gloves in winter. In fact, any covering over the skin that prevents the moisture from escaping protects the skin from dehydration. Hence putting on cotton gloves at night after application of a thick hand lotion or cream makes the skin softer in the morning.

  • Use Bath Oil

Although a warm bath feels great during winter, the heat can make the skin dry. So, in the opinion of specialists, one should add some scented bath oil to the water so that the moisture is locked within the skin.

The problem of chapped lips can be avoided by applying a thick lip balm which is capable of offering protection against the UV rays. This safeguards the lips from sun damage during winter. Moreover, one should note that the skin of the face is particularly sensitive and hence is more susceptible to damage compared to other body parts. So, it is vital to choose a good moisturizer for the facial skin in winter.

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